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Friday, July 27, 2012

Helping My Teacher Friend

One of my very favorite teacher friends was moved to a new school this year, and I was lucky enough to get to help her set up her new classroom! Mrs. A was on my third grade team this past year, and we had such a blast! This year she will be at a different school within our district and will be teaching 2nd grade.

I know Mrs. A is very excited about this move, because last year she was in a portable and this year she will have an actual classroom... a big upgrade!

First off her math center. She used some of her school money to purchase those awesome bookshelves, and will be organizing her math games in the buckets. I love that she has a table where the students can sit to play the games!

How cute are those letters that she painted? Here's a close up of them:

Next up we've got her student mailboxes. I used these last year, and convinced her that they were absolutely necessary!

This is her super cute work on writing area! I love the frames she has to display student writing. 
P.S.--We hung that curtain up, even though there isn't a window, because there was a really funky painting on the wall that we decided needed to go!

And finally, the super cute name plate I made for her last year when she joined out team. I am going to miss her terribly!

Here's the one I made for myself when I started teaching. I'll be completely honest... I might like hers better!

Also, a few updated photos of my room:

I found some extra tables. Still kind of messy... I'll post a better photo when I get the paper lanterns hung.

I went ahead and posted my D5 expectations, but I will still make I-Charts with my students. Also, I am planning on mounting a 4 x 6 whiteboard that I have above this area, and will use it for my CRAFT board.

I posted my  Classroom Expectations  and Voice Levels posters, but haven't printed the titles of them yet.

I felt like I did so much in my room today, but it really isn't noticeable. I need to buckle down and get things finished! How are your classrooms looking??



  1. Your classroom is coming together very nicely. I love the black bulletin boards. I decided to go with black boards this year as well and was AMAZED at how everything on it just POPS!....plus it just looks sharp.

    I'm your newest follower. :)

    Classroom Capers

    1. Thanks Monica! I do love having the black background. It is such a great way to tie everything together!



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