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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Daily Five Bulletin Board FREEBIE

Hello fellow bloggers, it has been a while!

Let me just say that blogging during the school year was a lot more challenging than I anticipated... I may be an only summer blogger!

During this past school year I received several questions about how I implemented Daily Five within my classroom, and whether or not I was giving my students work that aligned with the Common Core standards. In an effort to align the Daily Five activities with the Common Core standards, I made a specific list of what students could do during each Daily Five center. This list actually wasn't anything different than what my students were already doing, but I think it helped others to see it in writing and to realize that what my students were doing was in fact aligned with the Common Core standards.

So, here is what I have put together to use in my classroom for next year. Hopefully it will clarify anything that is misunderstood about how Daily Five aligns with Common Core.

Daily Five Bulletin Board

Let me know what you think!

I am also working on figuring out this whole bloglovin stuff, and will hopefully have that set up by tomorrow for anyone that is interested. I've also got some more goodies on the way :)


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