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Friday, June 28, 2013

Another FREEBIE and Bloglovin!!

I created another FREEBIE for you blog followers out there. This is something I have used for the past two years in my own classroom, and have love, love, loved it!

My first year teaching, I used the traditional treasure box when my students got ten stickers for good behavior. I hated having to find junk toys to use in my treasure box, but being a first year teacher, I wanted to do something that was easy. During the summer before my second year of teaching, I discovered Behavior Coupons and thought that these would be a great incentive and reward for my students, and would not cost me anything! Double love!

My students are always eager to reach Super Student on our behavior chart and earn hole punches on their behavior card, so that they can get a coupon. I normally only give coupons for behavior cards on Friday, that way I only have to really think about them once a week. Then the following week, students can turn in coupons whenever they choose, so that they can have a special day. These have definitely been very popular!

You can grab your FREE behavior coupons on my TPT page or through the link above. My only request is that you follow my blog and blog about it yourself, so that I can get more traffic.

P.S.--I'm not sure why the pictures of the coupons look so strange, but the PDF file available at my TPT page does NOT look like that.


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  1. I am a first year teacher and have been looking for these ready-made to save on time so thank you!


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